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These are some of the works  included in, 
"Unforeseen Anomalies", 
my individual show at the Pump House Regional Arts Center, LaCrosse.
March 1 -April 15, 2023
Nights and Days_ff.jpeg
 Nights and Days, photograph, 16x16
Aerial 31.jpeg
 Aerial 31, photograph, 16x16
Scury 2.jpeg
 Scurry, photograph, 16x16
Aerial 1.jpeg
 Aerial 1, photograph, 16x16
Indecision copy.jpeg
Indecision, photograph, 16x16
La Crosse, photograph, 16x16
Please Hold.jpeg
 Hold, photograph, 16x16
Aerial 29(3).jpeg
 Aerial 29, photograph, 16x16
Aerial 21.jpeg
Aerial 21, photograph, 16x16
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