Nights and Days.jpeg

I started noticing lines and numbers spray painted in various colors on sidewalks.  I began photographing these cryptic marks while wandering through my neighborhood and also while traveling to new parts of the country. This led me to discover a whole new world right under my feet. The gray cement pallet blossomed into dramatic theatrical sets when shadows of people wandered by.  Others, without human shadows, transformed into what looks like aerial views of farm fields or topographical puzzles.  All of this was revealed while simply taking the time to breathe and observe.  I use scaling and repetition to form a collage from one photograph.  Then I hand draw in primal geometric shapes. The act of photography and art, to me, is honoring my humble place in a larger world and acknowledging the joy and beauty of everyday visual experience.

archival dye-sub prints, vinyl, various sizes from 30x30 to 36x36

Aerial 229.jpeg
SideWalk No. 15.jpeg
Aerial 218.jpeg
Aerial 219.jpeg
SideWalk No. 25.jpeg