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 My interdisciplinary practice weaves together photography, drawing, and collage. Through this process I re-imagine and re-compose what I see and photograph in my travels to make something entirely new and beautiful.      


 I use digital processes to construct the collage, and then draw simple shapes and lines - either on the file in digital space or later on the actual photograph. The extended horizontal format allows for patterns and complexity.

Some collages are narrative suggested and others are painterly photographic.                                                                                                                

 I take a lot of pictures wherever I go, either traveling, or exploring new neighborhoods in my own city. This photographic practice creates a pool of possibilities that I combine and select from at a later date to make my photo collages. They’re like found objects, forgotten in my library, then spring to life when I see them again. It’s always a surprise to discover what clicks. 

LaCrosse 2.jpeg
photo collage,  10" x 30",  archival inkjet print on paper, 2023
Almost Almost 4.jpg
Wish You Were Here 2.jpg
Once A Rose.jpg
Man in Red Shirt.jpg
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