My interdisciplinary practice weaves together photography, drawing, collage, and digital processes.  I begin with a foundation of ordinary photographs that I make while wandering through local neighborhoods or while exploring new worlds when I travel. 


 Hidden beauty is exposed; real and imaginary spaces are revealed; memories are shared; and new perspectives are introduced through the collage process.

 I’m inspired by a wide variety of contemporary art, photography, theater, experimental cinema, Minoan paintings, everyday visual experience, and unforeseen anomalies.

 The act of photography and art is honoring my humble place in the larger world, acknowledging the joy and beauty of everyday visual experience, and engaging with others. 

Arms Across the Water(1)Lt.jpg
SideWalk No. 15.jpeg
Aerial 1 1200x.jpg
Culver 9.jpeg
Hurry to Forget Hurry to Get Away copy.jpg
A Semblance copy.jpg