My interdisciplinary practice weaves together photography, drawing, collage, and digital processes.  I begin with a foundation of photography.  I make pictures of ordinary scenes - sometimes while wandering through local neighborhoods, and sometimes while exploring new worlds when I travel.  I select photographs that I think will blossom into something new.  My process uses scaling, fragmentation, repetition, and hand drawing to make a photographic collage.  

 Using an iPad I finger-paint primal geometric shapes on the photograph to complement what is already there or to create tension.  Fingertips are wildly inaccurate on a tablet screen and I use this to my improvisational advantage. 

 I’m inspired by a wide variety of contemporary art, photography, theater, international cinema, Minoan paintings, everyday visual experience, and unforeseen anomalies.

Arms Across the Water(1)Lt.jpg
SideWalk No. 15.jpeg
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Covers Lt.jpg
Worlds Fair 7(1) Lt.jpg