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 My career spans video art, dance video, filmmaking and photography. 

 Currently my interdisciplinary practice weaves together photography, drawing, collage, and digital processes.  I start with photography.  I take pictures of mundane objects and scenes while wandering through my neighborhood or while exploring new worlds when I travel.


 Through collage and drawing simple shapes and lines on the photograph, I re-imagine and re-compose what I've discovered to make something entirely new and beautiful. My photographs are frontal and painterly. 

 And hey - throwback to the 2010's with a selection of some of my best short films that I wrote and directed starring some of the most renowned actors in the Twin Cities including Stacy Maloney, Robert O. Berdahl, Katherine Johnson Justice, Laura Esping, Emily Dooley, and others.  Forgettabout Hollywood and take a look at these expressionistic, idiosyncratic relationship dramas.


LaCrosse 2.jpeg
SideWalk No. 15.jpeg
Aerial 1.jpeg
Culver 9.jpeg
Aerial 29(3).jpeg
Aerial 31.jpeg
Nights and Days.jpeg
Focal Points.jpg
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