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 This series began while I was gathering seashells on Sanibel Island, Florida.  I wasn’t alone.  We were all in our own little worlds, absorbed in a meditative practice of gathering seashells. 


 I was struck by the solitude and beauty of the scene.  The hues, textures, and light reminded me of French Impressionism.  I could almost see brush marks in the air.

Paintings by Monet and Renoir came to mind.


 I returned to the beach for more sunsets and shell gathering, but this time with my camera.  These are my impressionistic memories

of being there.

photo-drawings,  2021,  28x28, archival dye sub prints,  
       limited editions of ten
A Semblance copy.jpg
Solitude copy.jpg
WaitingInTheDistance copy.jpg
FarFromTheMaddeningCrowd copy.jpg
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