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  I use photography to capture ordinary images in natural light that when rotated, repeated and presented in a grid  format, evolve into fluid, mesmerizing patterns. I start from a point of curiosity and this leads me step by step into unknown areas.  I have no idea what the final version will look like.  The whole reason for making it is to discover what it is.  I don’t pre-visualize.  I want to be surprised and inspired by the energy of discovery. 
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 Apgar 10, archival digital print, 16x16
Byrne-3-Fountain Lights-14x14x1-2023.jpg
DC 7(4)_16x16 copy.jpg
DC 7, archival digital print, 16x16
Red Bark 4x4.jpg
 Red Bark, archival digital print, 16x16
Winter Storm 4x4.jpg
 Winter Storm, archival digital print, 16x16
Dumbarton Oaks 4x4.jpg
 Dumbarton Oaks, archival digital print, 16x16
DC 2(6)_16x16 copy.jpg
DC 2(1)
Arial 1
Apgar 37(1).jpg
Apgar 37
Arms Across(6).jpg
Arms Across the Water
DC 3.jpg
DC 3
Glacier 42(1).jpg
Glacier 42(1)
Glacier 52(1).jpg
Glacier 52(1)
La Crosse.jpg
La Crosse
Lounge 4.jpg
Blue Lounge
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